The first exhibition completely dedicated to the power women of Vlaardingen!

Vlaardingen history is often characterized as the story of hard-working men in the fishing industry. Women are virtually invisible in the history of this city. Yet many women have certainly left their mark on Vlaardingen society. And they still do that now.

Museum Vlaardingen therefore believes it is high time to remove Vlaardingen women from the shadows of history and presents the exhibition Power Women of Vlaardingen.

For each theme we present a powerful woman who has made a difference in the past. We also asked powerful current Vlaardingen women to reflect substantively on the past and to share their own experiences. Female artists from Vlaardingen are invited to interact with the past through an existing or new work of art.
Finally, we make the connection with the future by giving a stage to Vlaardingen youth talents, the power women of the future!

Watch, listen and discover how great the power of women is. Don't let yourself be limited, discover your own qualities and realize: you can be anything you want (loosely translated to Barbie's 'You can be anything'...)!

Museum Vlaardingen, Westhavenkade 54
9 march t/m 24 june 2024 

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