I recently bought a painting from Susan. I really liked that they came by in advance with the painting and I could see without obligation whether it fits here. It looks very nice, has a spatial effect and it gives my living room an extra dimension.

Every time I look at it it makes me happy. Last weekend I had visitors and I immediately received compliments about the painting. It also made them happy.

Linda Graanoogst (

I will soon start recording Vodcasts for which I will interview people online and I regularly have (International) calls with clients that I supervise. I thought it would be cool if there was a stylish painting in the background instead of the now boring empty wall. Susan came to my business premises in Almere and the choice fell on the cheerful painting 'Spring'!

It's really crazy! I'm soooo happy with it! I always get goosebumps when I walk into my office!


I have been a fan of Susan's work for about 20 years and when I wanted to decorate the walls in the living room differently, she sent me an impression that I immediately fell in love with! The fine art print in the desired size is a great eye-catcher and matches beautifully with all the colors in the room!

Gerrie van Stuivenberg

So happy with my painting!

After changing my interior, I still missed some warmth in my house. For a long time I looked for a suitable work of art for above my sofa to fill the void there a bit. Ultimately, I kept coming back to Susan's website. I was already a fan of Susan's paintings and fell in love with one of her 'nature' paintings that I saw on her website.

After I contacted her we made an appointment. After a warm welcome with coffee and iron biscuits, I selected a few paintings. She came to my house together with Ruud and the paintings. They took their time and advised me about my personal taste, the dimensions and the colors that would be used in the painting.

The contact with Susan was very pleasant. It was also very nice to be able to walk into the studio in between, see the progress and receive photos of it in the meantime.

I think a nice detail in the painting is that my cat Suus is also included in it. That makes it even more personal for me.

When the painting was finally completely finished, I was very excited when they came to hang it in my house. I'm quite a doubter and often have to get used to new things. But in the end I am very happy with my own new painting. It completes my interior completely.

Anouk Brockhoff

Voor een reeks workshops hebben we de ruimte van Susan gehuurd. Wat een heerlijke ruimte! Elke keer als we binnenstappen voelen we de rust en wordt onze inspiratie geprikkeld door alle werken aan de muur. Aanrader!


Very happy with the beautiful work of art (Art Print) that you made for me. It has been given a beautiful spot so that I can enjoy it every day. Love Lenny Bakker

Lia van Essen

I was looking for something beautiful and special for above my sofa and because I already have a number of small paintings by Susan, I also wanted a painting of her new style. She came by to see which size would be suitable. When I saw the painting 'Poetry of Nature' I immediately fell in love, it really looked great! After a few days of trial, which was actually not necessary because I had already made my choice, it was hung in the right place and I can fully enjoy it every day. Susan thank you very much for the service and for the beautiful painting.

Natascha Evers

'My lovely Mylo'; Susan has made a beautiful, colorful painting with our sweet Kooikerhondje Mylo. It turned out exactly as I had in mind after we came up with a plan together. It was very nice to be able to take a look in her studio to see how such a painting slowly takes shape. Thank you Susan for your hospitality, your service (and Ruud!) and your beautiful work. I'm going to enjoy it every day!


'Susan, I am currently enjoying your painting. The light makes the gold paint stand out beautifully. I also studied the butterflies and determined which butterfly represents who. And the robins really look at me, so beautiful! I'm now waiting for my robin in the garden, he usually comes to take a bath in the birdbath in the afternoon.'

Its energy so pure and soothing. It is also so beautiful in the evening with the spotlight on it!

Oscar van Nooten (België)

Art is part of our lives. We already have a nice collection. One day Susan comes by on Facebook. We were immediately charmed by her work. This resulted in a statue of “Wonder Woman”, dedicated to my wife. Because I am an angler, a “Catch Me” fish in a cigar box was a must.

Suddenly we saw her nature collection with beautiful color combinations captured in her own beautiful technique with different layers.
Once you reach the blessed age of 70, choosing a gift becomes increasingly difficult. What if we order a painting from Susan, my gift to my wife and her gift to me. Had a quick chat with Susan, passed on the size and it had to be with kingfishers, sent a photo of a kingfisher with a fish in its mouth, a photo of our interior for the color choice, agreed on a price and then we had to wait. Over time we saw the painting and it was love at first sight. Simply beautiful. It enriches our interior. A beautiful piece of nature on the wall with the most beautiful bird I know.

We are very happy with Susan's work and can recommend it to everyone.
Her way of contact with the customer, her thinking along and delivery of the end result are also perfect. And there is an actual connection, even if it is via the electronic highway.

We are fans of Susan!!!

Marcel en Lucia

What a wonderful experience to have a painting commissioned by Susan Ruiter. Discuss the possibilities with her. We wanted specific birds, no problem for Susan and she painted a pair of kingfishers. After a rough sketch, she started working on the real painting and we were able to follow this. By visiting the studio and also because Susan sent us emails with the current status of the painting. This way wecould  follow the development of your painting completely and that is really cool!! We are extremely happy with the end result and enjoy the beautiful painting on the wall. Thank you Susan (and of course Ruud for professionally hanging the painting) for your beautiful creation!!

Werk aan de Muur

Here you can read a few reviews from customers who bought my Art Prints through Art Prints gekocht hebben via Art Heroes.

Cora (Artprint)

I was looking for a painting for above my workplace and chose Susan's art print 'dancing sparrows'. It's there and looks like a real painting, especially because the canvas is matte. The quality and print are nice and the colors come out nicely. The cloth fits tightly around the frame and the image continues nicely at the edges. I am very happy with it!

Peter en Wilma Kleijwegt

This has been on my wish list for a long time, but there were always things that came first. But after three nasty years it was time to do it now. A beautiful painting on the wall of the people we love most. There were 110 photos on this wall and everything is now included in this. Cheerful colors and humor well represented. Susan listens, understands and gives this back very well. Bring it personally and take your time. All in all we are very satisfied with the children, grandchildren and of course Teuntje in this beautiful painting. Thank you Susan!!

Marcel en Lucia

After an appointment in the gallery, where we had a very pleasant conversation, a follow-up appointment came at our home. Susan had brought a number of works and we could see in peace in our own apartment how the paintings would come across. The painting "Girl Talk" which we preferred, they left with us so that we could think at ease about the purchase. The painting has not left, and we enjoy this beautiful painting every day. Thank you Susan and Ruud!! If you have become curious, visit the gallery to experience for yourself what beautiful art is for sale !!!

Greta Verver

What a surprise at our 10th wedding anniversary. A beautiful cheerful painting of our French Bulldogs. Extra special because they are characterized from a photo, but what are they really ❤️. My compliments Susan, I'm a fan, we're going to give it a nice spot.

Goetinck Brigitte (België)

I got to know Susan's paintings by the internet and was a fan of the curvy ladies. I had seen “the kimono ladies” and loved it! I made an appointment to visit the gallery. It was a very warm and relaxed welcome, an explanation about her art and technique. Ruud and Susan came to Bruges to present the painting in my living room. The kimono ladies immediately hit it off and hung the painting. I can recommend anyone who wants an eye catcher in their home to definitely visit and enjoy the beautiful works of art. I enjoy seeing the ladies every day!

Theo en Lineke

For a long time we were looking for something nice above our couch. After we had seen a nice painting of Susan at one of our neighbors, the step was soon taken to take a look at Susan's studio. After a nice chat, some explanation from Susan and looking at some things, slowly the idea was born to have something painted on commission. But what.....

Over time, the idea arose to have our story painted. 58 years ago during the infusion in Arcade at the Lange Haven in Schiedam, we got to know each other there, while dancing. Theo then had a black American car "Pontiac 1959" which was quite special for that time. We have already been married 52 years ago at the town hall in Vlaardingen.

Susan has named our story “Wonderful Memories” and painted it very aptly.
It is definitely recommended to visit Susan for inspiration or for good advice!

John en Swanique*

I had been an admirer of Susan for years. Her “Curvy Ladies” paintings appealed to me from the beginning. I had seen several other paintings with the same theme from other painters, but they didn't match Susan's works. It was therefore a well-considered choice for us to commission a painting in which our lives are intertwined. We visited Susan's studio, with our dachshunds Jip and Jan, and put our wishes to her. I had every confidence in it right away! A few days later we already received a few sketches from her, from which we chose one to work out. In the meantime, we were kept informed of the progress and were able to pass on adjustments. We gave Susan all the freedom to express her creativity, nothing was too crazy for us! Since yesterday (October '22) the painting has been hanging on our wall, in the place where a large mirror hung for 14 years, and it is as if the painting just belongs there! It's very present, but the room can definitely take it! I keep looking at it! It turned out so beautiful! The looks of our dachshunds are so well caught!! One serious and the other a bit of vice! Exactly as they are! The painting makes the whole room, which was already colorful anyway, very sparkling! And that was just the point!

Aad en Marja

We are so happy that I saw photos of Susan's work on Facebook. I was immediately sold. I thought those “curvy ladies” were absolutely crazy, but my husband didn't. But don't worry for long because at one point I saw the "sexy legs" pass by and luckily he liked them. I made an appointment with Susan and she came by with some of her works, including three small "sexy legs" paintings of which the paint was actually just dry. We really wanted them to hang in our toilet. Unfortunately we had to wait a little longer because they weren't quite ready yet. But once finished it even exceeded our expectations. We had also placed an order for a larger painting. At some point I received an email from Susan with what the final result would be. And here too we were able to indicate again what we would like to see differently and we have made an appointment to see the painting in real life in her studio. And then a painting comes across very differently than a photo in the mail. And how nice that we did that because this was just what we had in mind and Susan was able to give the painting the final coat. And now the painting just hangs above our TV! And we can enjoy it every day. We are very happy with how Susan has translated our wishes into a beautiful painting. So if you are looking for a beautiful, personal, sexy, funny or moving painting, we can certainly recommend Susan Ruiter. 

Hugo en Martine

W're very happy with the painting you made for us. Initially this was a gift from my boyfriend for my 50th birthday. He wanted to have it made for me as a surprise. But when you started asking questions about the composition, location and colors, he couldn't keep it a secret anymore.
I enjoyed being on it together with Texel, our favorite Wadden island, as the background. Because we turned 100 on September 1, we gave the painting to each other. It is an eye-catcher in the hallway of our new house.

Alfred en Petra

Dear Susan, We enjoy our painting "Sunny joyride" so much!!!! We got to know each other last year and asked you to make a personal painting. Important to us is our birthplace, our great love Charlie the labradoodle and our other love Bella, the fiat 500 convertible. After some adjustments based on the sketch, the painting was ready at the beginning of April. Thank you Susan!!!

Inés & Félix (Spanje)

It was a blast. We had a great time defining the painting with Susan, who provided us with various alternatives until we found the one we were looking for. The artwork is amazing, hanging proud @ home and enjoyed by all those who witness it.

Barbara vd Borden

I won a digital sketch and the result turned out incredibly cool. I'm super happy with it. Susan herself is also very enthusiastic, what a passion for art, I love her work!

Carla en Jan

We searched for a long time for a painting that appealed to both of us. We regularly walked past Susan's gallery and finally went inside. What a nice paintings. Beautiful and expressive colors and above all... cheerful paintings. In the end we fell for the painting "Join the Circus". And we are really happy with this!! Hangs really beautifully in our room. We can recommend everyone to take a look at Susan's gallery.

Meggy (Italy)

I send you the photos of the painting I hung in my bedroom. I really love this painting, it has sweetness, a bit of crazy and the sweetness of my cat!!! Thank you so much!!!

Eddie en Gisel

We waren vanaf de eerste dag verliefd op “Cooking with love”. Het was dus “love at first sight”. Een paar keer zijn we langs jouw galerie gelopen en we waren ervan overtuigd dat we deze drie dames (las tres chicas) in onze eetkamer wilden hebben. We wilden wachten tot na de verbouwing, maar op een dag leken ze verdwenen te zijn uit jouw galerie! We waren best teleurgesteld want we dachten dat de drie meiden weg waren, maar gelukkig had jij hen nog! We wisten alleen niet zeker of het schilderij in de te verbouwen zou ruimte passen. Gelukkig bleek het heel mooi uit te komen toen jij met het schilderij bij ons langs kwam. Ook was het fijn dat je enkele andere schilderijen mee nam om ons te helpen met het maken van de juiste keuze. Daarnaast was het contact met jou altijd heel prettig en heel professioneel. Nu kijken de dames ze uit over onze eettafel, zo schitterend dat we elk moment genieten van hun gezelligheid. Bedankt voor jouw hulp en jouw vriendelijkheid en voor jouw mooie en unieke kunst.


Ik heb de kalender ontdekt via Bol... gelukkig .. Wat een prachtige kalender daar wordt je helemaal vrolijk van.

Familie Verstijlen

Maart 2021 heb ik Susan benaderd omdat ik mijn moeder een cadeau wilde doen voor haar nieuw appartement en mijn moeder vind Susan werk fantastisch. Wij wisten al snel wat het zou worden een familie portret zoals Susan het verwoord love never ends. Na wat mail contact kwam Susan en haar man bij ons thuis om alles te bespreken en gaven we akkoord voor de opdracht. Na maanden wachten werden wij uitgenodigd bij Susan's Atelier bij binnenkomst zagen we ons familieportret al hangen en werden er stil en emotioneel van. Susan heeft echt alles wat wij wilde erin verwerkt. 1 december was het zover eindelijk kwam het familie portret thuis en is het echt een pronkstuk geworden in huis. Bedankt Susan en Ruud niet te vergeten voor het ophangen ????


I am still so very happy with my beautiful painting by Susan Ruiter! When I look at it I keep seeing new details.


I received the large calendar yesterday, it is very nice and a lot of writing space I am very happy with it again thank you very much for the good service.

Suzan Corstjens

- I had doubts about the price and the location. I thought it was rather expensive, but the doubts were short-lived. The purchase of the painting went very well, it was even delivered to my home (200 km) and it was hung for me. Every time I look at the painting, it makes me happy and feel very good. I would recommend it to anyone. After the loss of my husband I wanted something new in the house and my eyes fell on my old paintings and said to myself, now it's time for a painting by Susan Ruiter, which I came across every day on FB. All my dead cats are on it , but the most beautiful thing about the painting are the little things that have been incorporated into it as a memory of my recently deceased husband!


"I really wanted a painting of Susan of me together with my 2 granddaughters. An emotionally charged painting because I don't see my oldest granddaughter very much because of circumstances. In this way ... This beautiful painting allows me to immortalize my granddaughters together on my lap. It is a very dear painting to me ❤❤ Thank you Susan!"

Yvonne E

I have lived in my house for almost 2 years now. In the living room a wall that I didn't know how to 'decorate'. The plan came to purchase a 'Fat Ladies' painting. After a thorough orientation I came across Susan Ruiter. I liked her 'Fat Ladies' and also an artist from Vlaardingen! Walked past the studio several times during corona, looking in the shop window, my nose just didn't press flat, but it didn't come to making an appointment. I did sign up for her newsletter. In it the announcement for a walk-in Saturday at the beginning of August. That Saturday I took the plunge and walked inside. It was soon arranged: made an appointment for the 'test hanging' of a painting at my place! Based on my wishes and a photo of the wall, Susan drove up with several paintings. I could look at ease and make a choice. It became 'Petit Amie' and the ladies stayed 'testing'. We have discussed the various options with regard to financing, explained them well and later a confirmation by email. I soon decided that the ladies could stay. My environment thinks that the painting suits me and my house; my daughter calls it an eye-catcher. Petit Amie was the first painting Susan showed. She had a good idea of ​​what would be appropriate. Thank you Susan.


A good plan in every way with a beautiful result to have Booker and Ella, my son's dogs, painted by Susan.
It was also a warm experience to meet Susan.
In a very relaxed atmosphere, possibilities and changes with regard to the photo were discussed and realized satisfactorily.
It turned out to be a beautiful painting! Thank you!

Mary v B

I am the grandmother of the painting 'The best Grandma ever!'. I've always been a fan of Susan's paintings, so I was pleasantly surprised with the first sketch I received on my 65th birthday. During the painting process I was able to indicate which colors I liked, what items I wanted in it, etc. In any case, nothing was too much for Susan and we have come to this result. I am very happy with it and it has now been given a nice spot! Thanks again Susan!

Cora VM

I recently bought Susan's birthday calendar, because I've been saving 'fat ladies' for years myself and her work really appealed to me. I receive this with a personal message and I thought that was so special that I went to look further on her website. Because I will be 60 this year, I got the idea to have a painting made by Susan. Contacted and got the information I was looking for, because yes you would like to know what to expect and what it costs. Everything is clearly explained, such as format, on paper or linen and the costs and options of payment. Susan made a sketch at my request, after some adjustments she started working for me. And so 'The little moments I love' was born. Susan has now also put a video of the creation of my painting on her you tube channel, very nice to see. In the meantime I bought another painting through her website and she and her partner brought both of them to my home and hung them. I am very happy with my painting and think it is a real eye-catcher in my room. Thank you Susan for all your good care...


Yesterday Susan and her husband came to us with some paintings. A great way to make a good choice. And it worked! The painting 'Happiness' is beautiful. And what a lovely people these are. I'm super happy with it!

Simone en Leo

Altijd hadden wij al de wens om een schilderij van Susan aan de wand van onze woonkamer te hebben. Toen mijn lieve vrouw Simone 50 jaar werd, was dit voor mij de uitgelezen kans om haar hiermee te verrassen. Op een middag bij Susan naar binnen gestapt en gevraagd of zij hier haar creativiteit op los kon laten. Wat moest er allemaal op komen? Natuurlijk Simone met haar mooie rode krullen, een paard, (Simone en paarden = 1), onze 2 katten en de hond die wij binnenkort krijgen. Susan heeft 2 schetsen gemaakt en er sprong er 1 voor mij uit. Na een aantal weken was ons schilderij "Good company" geboren. Mooi, vrolijk, kleurrijk en enorm creatief was het resultaat van deze opdracht. Toen ik samen met Simone het atelier binnen kwam en er tranen over haar wangen rolden toen ze het schilderij zag, wist ik dat dit de goede keuze was geweest. Dus bent u op zoek naar "echt" iets moois en creatiefs voor in uw woning dan bent u bij Susan Ruiter aan het juiste adres!!! Susan, enorm bedankt. Met Simoon en jouw schilderij heb ik "Good company"!!

Sil M

Susan Ruiter is an artist that I have been following for at least 15 years. I have been lucky to enjoy 2 of her beautiful works in my previous home, where I had the space for her beautiful large works! Now my daughter is going to live with her boyfriend and leave hotel mama! I immediately thought of Susan to make something beautiful for them! The result is great! I can wholeheartedly recommend Susan. Nothing is too much trouble. She thinks along and if you are in doubt about something, it will be changed! An amazing beautiful woman and artist.

Karen Hoekstra

I already had a painting and a painted cabinet by Susan, but today my great wish came true: a painting made especially for me. Susan feels exactly what you want, and in any case keeps sketching until you are completely satisfied. And then the result still exceeds your high expectations. The colours, the details, the finish, everything! My whole room has been boosted by the beautiful painting “Crazy Cat Lady”. I can watch it for hours and enjoy it for the rest of my life. Thank you Susan ❤️

Wanda & Ed

We asked Susan to make a painting of our animals and our new living environment. She has succeeded wonderfully in this. The result is a colorful painting, entirely in the Susan style, which we are very happy with!

Harry en Berlinda (België)

Thank you so much for the super nice painting, what a surprise… It is the most beautiful birthday present ever. You painted Pebbles perfectly, I think the colors are soooooo beautiful. Pure enjoyment every day. Thank you dear Susan

Helene Boer

I had been looking for a painting for the wall near the dining table for a long time. For a long time I followed Susan's work, especially "the curvy ladies". I had a lot of doubts about the dimensions of the painting, so it was very nice that Susan wanted to come home with some canvases. The surprising thing was that the largest painting suited the room best. It is now as if the ladies are sitting at our table!

Javier Campos (Spain)

Susan did for my wife the "Mi belleza" illustration and it's been one of the best presents for my wife. She's super happy with it. I love the way Susan works... the idea... the sketch... the way to connect with her and her kindness. I'm willing to ask her for new works for the future. It's and amazing story that I recommend you to do it. Thanks Susan!

Pris en Lu

Wow Susan, our dog Mozart is at home, what a beautiful work of art you have delivered. Everything that suits Mozart and us. This is your 3rd artwork from Susan in our house and we enjoy it every day. Thank you again and see you soon.

Angelique, Victor en Susan

I came into contact with Susan Ruiter at the end of 2019. We wanted to give our daughter, who lives independently, a beautiful, lasting and special gift for her 21st birthday. We could indicate what we liked, sea, dogs and of course a lady - Susan made sketches, went by and our daughter could still have a say in the final design. Susan got to work and we found it very pleasant and special to be able to drop by 2 more times during the process to see the progress - all this has made it a very special event for our daughter and she now has a very happy and hang beautiful painting in her apartment. She enjoys it every day.

Veronica & Sonia (Italy)

Today we received our two wonderful Susan's paintings , her girls! We had been looking for the perfect matchy matchy girly gift, and having a piece of Susan's art in our home is such a mood, it makes us feeling better after a long day at work and it connects us, as friends, to stay always positive and never give up.


Today (October 28, 2020) our painting was delivered and hung. We are so happy with the wonderfull beautiful painting of our French Bulldog Elvis Gradje. We had an idea in mind to have a painting of our dog made with American accents because of our love for America, we once visited Graceland and got married in Las Vegas, badly wrong by Elvis Presley (the one and only). We wanted to immortalize our Elvis Gradje in an original way in Elvis style. A painting that suits us completely and the idea we had in mind, Susan put it on the canvas in an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL AND DEFINITELY ORIGINAL way. Our Elvis Gradje was / is not really a fashion model, he did not listen and had / has patience, but yes it remains a Bulldog! What an artist Susan is and how nice to work with Susan. Thanks again for immortalizing our little Elvis Grad on the canvas. Really TOP !!

Joke & John

Today October 7, 2020 was the day: Susan came to deliver and hang our commissioned painting. It's really exactly as we imagined, TOP. The start-up process alone is an experience. First consult with each other, make wishes known, such as the subject to be painted, the colors and the size. Then a sketch by Susan, a home visit to fit and measure with a “test painting” and Susan wanted to taste the homely atmosphere where the artwork will be placed. Finally, just before the “finishing touch”, we payed a visit to Susan’s studio and put the finishing touches on the details. And now the painting is above our sofa and we and Beau are already looking at it with great pleasure. Susan is a TOPPER!

Pris & Lu

2 mooie schilderijen van Susan aan de muren van onze woonkamer hangen. We hebben meteen een heel andere woonkamer, zo vrolijk binnen lopen. Echt super blij mee en een hele aanrader. Thanx Susan.

Jolanda van Breemen

For my birthday, my husband commissioned a painting by Susan. It was my wish to stand on the beach with the dog. It has become beautiful and now the third work we have of her. Every day it remains a joy to watch.

Arend en Eefje

Recently we have become in the rich possession of a real Susan Ruiter! It hangs prominently in our living room and always puts a smile on our faces. For years we had been looking for “something” for the wall above the sofa, but each time we couldn't find what really made us happy. We regularly walked into Susan's studio and her art always makes us happy. At one point we heard that she also works on commission, which seemed interesting to us. We talked to Susan and it turned out that a lot was possible. Susan came to our home with some of her works to determine a color impression and a size. She made an offer without obligation and that's how things started. We submitted some photos and within a short period of time we received the first sketch. How surprising that was! How aptly she managed to portray us as a family, it was perfect. We immediately gave the order to continue with it. About three months later we received an invitation to come and see the result in the studio, before it would get the final finish. Now details could still be worked on. (in our case we still wanted a reference to our deceased son) Shortly afterwards the painting was delivered and hung in our living room. We are happy every day with the painting on which we stand as a family, but without it being such a family portrait thing. We are portrayed in the cheerful Susan way with a lot of personal details, which are significant to us. What is very striking for us is that our daughter is now pregnant and she is holding her cat like a baby, without us having reported this to Susan by order. We proudly show our “Together we make a Family” portrait to everyone who visits us.


I would like to surprise my wife Annette with a unique gift for her birthday. A while earlier she had told me about the original sketches of Susan Ruiter to be found on Instagram. I decided to contact Susan. We discussed the options for working out a previously made sketch. Of course there had to be room for my wife's love for hats, dresses, dachshunds and her great hobby; sewing! Susan suggested a nice color palette that wouldn't get boring and promised to make a nice watercolor out of it. My expectationa was surpassed when I went to pick up the work. A beautifully framed work of art with certificate. Fantastic color combination and a striking image. Once home I couldn't wait to hand it over to my wife and so gave it a day early! She was very surprised and felt honored with this unique gift. The artwork has been given a prominent place in the sewing workshop of her company Saar & Antje. Susan is really an artist!

Lena (Tsjechie)

Purchasing one of Susan's paintings has been my longterm wish. I have adored her artwork since I have seen it for the very first time a few years ago but I have never paid so much for painting before. I was not sure if it was worth it but then I took the decision and did it. And it was the best decision I could make. I am very happy with the process, Susan is super friendly and very profesional. The "Summer Romance" came well packed and is as breathtaking as expected. I cannot take my eyes off it!


From the first moment I saw the artworks by artist Susan Ruiter on social media, I was “sold”. And after a visit to her beautiful gallery in Vlaardingen, we asked her to make a commissioned artwork for us.
We are so happy with the painting “Our journey” that Susan made for us! Our love for traveling to our three favorite continents has rendered them so beautiful and striking. An asset to our home!


Susan made me a sketch wich she used for the painting in color. Susan takes the time for you and keeps you updated on her progress. I am very happy with the end result! I even got a little emotional when Susan delivered the painting to me and handed it to me. Thank you Susan for this, for me very special and valuable, painting ... -XXX-

Daniel en Mandy

When the Animalicious series came out it was immediately clear. Our pets, Tomcat Pablo and dog Kane, must also be immortalized. Susan's first two sketches were great fun right away, but didn't quite fit our idea and interior yet. Then I came up with the idea to link a 'Peaky Blinders' theme to it. The sketch that followed was complete. We left the rest to Susan and that can be entrusted to her. The end result is fantastic, love at first sight. Our two "men" in suits at the table, a bottle of Gin, the correct size and colors of our interior are reflected in the painting. The living room immediately became a lot cozier. Thanks Susan, we will enjoy this for a very long time.

Cindy Terpstra

Susan has designed a logo for my photography company that I just started. First of all I get super nice reactions on the design ... It is me, suits me, the colors, "the feeling" ... everything. Wow, super handsome .... You give Susan a few words about yourself, even if she never met you, but she sum up exactly who you are or what you want in a design. I immediately fell in love with the first design, it also has the right color combinations. Continuous contact with Susan, keeping appointments, great! I hope to have my logo made on my future company bus again. Thank you Susan for this professional start of my company!


Susan made a beautiful painting from me and my children, in her own unique style. All family symbolism are incorporated into it, so that it really tells family stories. I had to save for a while, but I am really happy and proud of it. When you tell Susan the facts, she adds the emotion. That is what makes her work not only beautiful but also unique. Warmly recommended!

Arie en Wendy

And then we know for sure. We want a "Susan Ruiter" from our pets (which we have have and who have died). But what should it be and what will it look like? Don't worry, Susan knows how to make something out of everything. You give her a few catchwords and photos and she knows (she already has the sketch in her head exactly) how to process this in her work. After we order Susan first came to our house. To get a feel for the client and the space. Our dogs, who have passed away in the meantime, and our cats who are now in charge, are portrayed perfectly. Than she called, "Stop by to see the result". So much fun, enthusiastic how she is and exciting for us. Of course she is open to any adjustments, no problem. It has become so beautiful and it is not just a painting with a few dogs and cats, small aspects of the animals are incorporated. That gives us the feeling that it is really Our Painting.


A few years ago I saw Susan's work via Facebook. I was immediately in sold. I followed her work and also bought some small works. Then suddenly there was the call for a sketch, also possible with your pet. Now a horse is quite big, but formally still a pet ... so I ventured: is that also possible? Of course! The contact with Susan went very well. Just visiting the studio / gallery is always a party (and a problem, because I always see something fun!), Which makes discussing easy. Susan takes her time, it felt very familiar. The first sketch was not entirely what I had in mind, because I had something very strong in my head ... but we were able to discus that ... this has really made the result more than great. I'm so proud of it! Every day we enjoy her creation (s) on the wall! Guess three times who we asked to work out the image for our wedding card;)


I'm a big fan of Susan's paintings for many years. I sent a request for a sketch and what she had drawn for me was so special that I made use of her offer. The contact was very pleasant, could express my wishes and what is even better, she understands exactly what you mean! When I went to pick it up and saw it for the first time, it moved me a lot. She has managed to create exactly the feeling that I had in mind. It is also in a beautiful list! I keep watching it every day and enjoy! Thank you Susan! If possible I gave you an extra star :-)

Marilyn Denise (US)

Hello from the US ☺️ I am So Very Pleased with my New Piece “London Calling” The painting is beautifully done and it’s as if I’ve had her hanging on my wall forever. Susan your talent is amazing and I am so very grateful that you were able to do such a beautiful commission for me. I will be back to see you soon.

Inge en Marcel

The sky is blue: We wanted something special above our couch for our new apartment. A painting of the Rotterdam skyline. We came to Susan and let her know what we wanted. She was allowed to unleash her own creativity. Susan came to our house to taste the atmosphere and to see what the color indications could be. The whole is a picture. A top painting with its own character. Susan thanks. TOP.


A commissioned painting. I saw something like that at someone else, I thought I would like it for my new kitchen. As if it must have been that way. It seems as if he has always hung there. The medallion has the profile of my deceased husband and my mother's ring. Magnificent. Thank you Susan and Ruud for hanging up.


Last week I did the workshop at Susan, I had a very nice and educational day, I can recommend it to everyone!

Monique de Zeeuw

Really had a great workshop last Saturday with Susan in the gallery. Learned a lot and relaxed. Nice group of workshoppers and of course good guidance from Susan. A really great day. We had a delicious lunch at Tovino in Vlaardingen. Thank you so much Susan Ruiter !!


Beautiful work by Susan! We are excited. Thank you very much!


Only positive experiences with Susan Ruiter and her work. Her paintings make you happy and cheerful. An asset to any home. She also thinks about which artwork fits best in the room. She also has a beautiful gallery and studio. All very professional, but always with the best intentions for the buyer.


Susan Ruiter is an artist who works to make you happy and inspires. She appeals many people with her paintings. And she feels very well what kind of painting fits in your room / house / office.


We are very happy with the beautiful works of susan, recently also attended a nice workshop where I got good tips! I will definitely do it again !!


We are still happy with the several works we have from Susan. Have followed her well over the years. Just bought a nice statue again. Gives cosiness and color to your home.


We had been looking for a painting with ladies for some time and Susan managed to paint the right painting for us. "Amore di Famiglia" is now in place and how happy we are and how happy it makes us. A true work of art!! The painting clearly shows the relationship between mother and daughters. Thank you again, Susan, and we will visit you again soon.


A must for your wall. Susan's painting is a warm experience for the eye and gives you a good feeling. Great works!


I'm a fan of Susan Ruiter for years. The fat ladies in combination with the cheerful colors give a smile on your face.


We allready have for a number ofyears paintings from Susan in our house. We are still very happy with them! We are and remain a fan of her work!



Saturday 28 October, together with my wife Ineke, I had an instructive, pleasant and fun painting workshop by Susan Ruiter. We had never worked with brushes and pallete knives before. It was a great experience to see something fun emerge on a blank canvas. Star with the background, draw up your design with chalk and then build it up with knife and brushes with help and instructions from Susan. In between, a delicious lunch at restaurant Tovino. The end result was great, of all participants by the way. Thank you Susan and your daughter Mandy for the great fun and educational day.


Since October I became the proud owner of a beautiful painting by Susan! With "Lazy Evening" I have 4 beautiful and funny cats above my bed. Everey night they take me to dreamland. When I first saw a painting of her in a gallery in Rotterdam 2 years ago, I was immediately sold. After a visit to Susan's workshop in September, it turned out to be no problem for her to bring the work all the way to my home (Belgium) including hanging it up! Again a big thank you for this!


Cheerful artworks, beautiful colors and figures


Fun and cheerful and always surprising

Theo en Regina

They look beautiful ........ Regina has been fond of the fat ladies for years. I really like them, but mostly too colorful. After a visit to the studio in Vlaardingen, while enjoying a glass of wine, we came across a wonderful compromise. A black and white artwork of three busty ladies on the beach called "Sunny Beach" ............. and now he is showing off with us. We look at it very satisfied, we look at it again, and again and again. Being satisfied is what this is all about. Theo and Regina,


This year my twin sister and I became "sarah", we celebrated this great. I wanted to give her a lasting and valuable gift but couldn't think of anything. Then I walked into an exposition with Susan Ruiter and suddenly got an idea. So I went to her the next day with a picture of my sister with her 2 dachshunds and asked if she wanted to make a painting of this. That worked out great, my sister had tears in her eyes and everyone loves the painting. I am very grateful to Susan for giving this lovely gift to my dear sister.


Followed the workshop on March 17, 2018. I am a jump in the field without patience. Due to Susan's directions, I went home with a good result. Thanks for the nice, fun day!

Suzanne Vriens

It was a wonderful and above all creative day. Would I finish my painting that day? But it worked without much stress. You have all day. Freedom to create and make choices. Susan is always there to ask for advice. I have used and learned a new technique to build up your painting in layers, creating a dimensional effect. Everyone can paint because nothing is wrong in art.


Enjoyed the day! And I'm happy with the result! Terribly sweet people with all the patience of the world; everything was well explained; was a very nice day and definitely go again! Thank you.


I once saw a painting by Susan Ruiter and I immediately liked it very much. It made me so happy: curvy ladies who do not meet the 'ideal' image, but go through life so self-consciously. All these years I followed Susan and eventually it got so far that we went to her studio in Vlaardingen. And now our painting is with us!! We are very happy with it. I watch it every day and then get happy again. Thank you Susan Ruiter!

Ruud Meuldijk

I was touched right from the very beginning that Susan started painting. Of those little pictures with mushrooms, plants and animals. Rien Poortvliet would have become jealous. Then came the great work where I have another one in the living room. An Egyptian lady who receives gifts. We were proud of our girlfriend and it still has the best spot in the house. Now even more proud of how she grew in her abilities, her personality, love and dedication so close to the surface. Nice to be like that. Love you xxx


I'am completely in love with my 2 paintings. Wonderful work by Susan.


Another painting by Susan especially made for me and that's how it feels. Just as I imagined it and the lady lives up to her title. Lots of viewing pleasure and a very warm feeling for Susan and Mandy of course I don't forget her husband who has drilled a hole for me, he is also sweet.

Ben en Coby

We are very proud of our daughter who has developed herself into an artist known at home and abroad. We have, over the years, already owned 14 works of art, including a few beautiful watercolors from her early days. We recently hung a large piece of work above the sideboard that makes us very happy. Susan we love you and your beautiful works of art very much.

Edith Spaninks

Again for the 2nd time, a fun but also educational day. I was commissioned to portray her precious deceased cat "Dribble" for my youngest daughter in a specific pose. I thought it was a tough job. But my daughter wrote with the photo of the painting on Facebook the following: and he's back! I couldn't have received a bigger compliment. I say DO a painting workshop with Susan. Go experience it because you will have a great day and you will certainly go home with something beautiful, both a painting and a valuable experience. This certainly because of the finishing touch of Susan as well as the attention of Mandy.

Marion de ruiter

I went to the workshop on February 25 and I can only write with praise about her and her daughter, they made sure we were not short of coffee, etc. She was also very cordial just like Susan. She explains everything well where to start etc. She always came to see how the painting progressed and told some things how you could do something. I had a pleasant educational day and I will definitely meet again with my girlfriend, who unfortunately had become ill. I'll pass by again when I go cycling, thanks Susan


I had a very nice workshop, well cared for, learned a lot. Maybe I'll come again! The three curvy ladies who have been hanging out in our living room for years remain one to look at.


My feedback is especially positive. Nice, educational and pleasant workshop. The result is ALWAYS beautiful, thanks to Susan's tips. She teaches you to look closely and also how to apply the material if you want to accentuate shadow and light. It is also a generous workshop. Good paint quality, brushes in all shapes and sizes, and delicious snacks and drinks. Lunch at an excellent Italian restaurant just steps away. The studio has a pleasant temperature, you can tell from everything that Susan goes for quality and does everything that you have an unforgettable day as a student. This workshop is highly recommended! I've been for the 3rd time already and looking forward to my 4th!


This painting feels so good. There is now a nice balance in my room and I it makes me feel happy, thanks !!!


Of course I love to post a review! My first artwork by Susan was for my new home. Saved hard and wanted a real Susan Ruiter. That was more than 8 years ago. In the following years, a few more works were added. Besides that I get cheerful from the ladies, I really enjoy watching the work from the couch or bath. The colors remain beautiful, the paintings are never boring!! Even as I write this while having lunch, I enjoy Susan. You will appreciate them more and more.


Great, every day I am happy that I asked Susan to design my logo. She understood exactly what atmosphere I want to create with my salon and translated this into a beautiful lady!!!! My real Susan Ruiter shows off everything, cups, wall, stamp cards and so on and everyone really responds positively! Happy and proud of my Susan Ruiter.


Good educational workshop and a fun day together with my daughter. In a very relaxed atmosphere with a friendly and talented artist and all her helpers! Food and drinks were top. Enough space for your own input and at the right time a little help for the finishing touch. Thanks to all this I made a beautiful painting. I will soon be registering for a new workshop because I have already received my first assignment!


My favorite artist. Always check if there are new paintings already. She is always up to date. Together with my daughter already done 2 workshops. Very nice and learned a lot. In October we go again. Looking forward!!!! The best thing about Susan's paintings is that they always makes you happy.


We have 3 paintings by Susan, it is really addictive. We rented other paintings before we had one from Susan, but we were tired of them after a year. I can keep looking at Susan's paintings, it remains fun!


Wonderful work. A great asset to your interior.


The best workshop ever with a very nice result thanks to the help and explanation of Susan. Learned a lot, good food and laughed. Another workshop with Susan is definitely an option, especially if the technique Craquelé is discussed!!


So happy with our painting 'on commission'! Our car and dog have never been so cheerfully placed. No photo can beat that .....


More than 1 year ago Susan Ruiter made the most beautiful wedding card. Very proud of it. The painting is beautiful and gives us beautiful memories.


Well-organized workshop! And also educational. Recommended!


Recently also a real Susan hanging above our couch. It still makes me happy every day.


I have 3 beautiful artworks by Susan and I still enjoy looking at them every day. Perhaps once again a bronze statue.... this is on my wish list.

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