Biography Susan Ruiter: from little girl to artist

“Everything is possible when you follow your passion.”

From dreams to works of art

I am Susan Ruiter, born on November 6, 1969 in The Hague. I grew up a quiet and calm girl, a dreamer. And actually I still am. Then, but also now, as an adult, I can be completely in my own world. I can pass people in the street because I am lost in thought. I think this is a characteristic of creative people, because that's when the best ideas arise. As a child I was always busy with crafts, painting, making clothes. But it wasn't until I was about 17 years old that I noticed that I excelled at drawing.


The cheerful, colorful ladies

I started a family young and the proud mother of my two daughters Mandy and Jodie. When they were young I just painted at home, in a separate room. I was there every free hour. I like to draw people and animals and I love round shapes, humor and color. The combination of these preferences gave birth to the happy, colorful ladies you can find here.

Passion for a happier world

It soon became apparent that my paintings bring out something in people: they make them happy. And so I discovered that with my passion, with what I love to do, I can make the world a little happier and happier. (Did you know that looking at art regularly even reduces stress and prevents depression?) And those happy customers gave me the opportunity to roll a little further each time.

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My own studio

I needed more space and rented an anti-squat, later I got my studio in an old stable. However, a studio away from home, without heating and toilets, was not always ideal. So when both my daughters were out of the house I took the next leap. My partner Ruud and I bought a building in Vlaardingen, which after more than 1.5 years of renovation has become a beautiful living, gallery and studio space. I never expected to achieve all this. And so you see that anything is possible when you follow your passion.

Enjoying art for years

All now makes it possible for me to ensure that you can safely invest in art and enjoy it for years to come, because you can keep looking at it. I do this, for example, by using good quality materials. But also by being as helpful as possible.


Visiting you

For example, I would like to visit your home with a number of paintings. That way you can check whether the colors fit there and whether the format is right. Because a painting that stands out so beautifully on a white wall in the gallery might disappear completely against the gray wall at home. This way I not only save you worries, but also a lot of time. And you get more value for money.

Pay in installments

Buying art that you can certainly enjoy for a long time can be an investment. That is why you can also pay in installments. We will then make an appointment together about the down payment and the period in which you pay off the artwork. Because this arrangement is interest-free with me, you will quickly save a lot of money. Feel free to ask me about the possibilities.

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