Come by and let your eyes be surprised. The collection has been expanded with the eye-catching unique art objects of Miranda Obbens. The objects are unique and handmade with the help of found objects that Miranda sensitively processes into Assembly Art. Recycling is therefore a very important key for her. Her works are exciting and surprising and the objects are a playground for the eyes, it draws your attention in all different directions. Wonderful to daydream.

The cheerful ceramic works by Edith Madou can still be admired on Hoogstraat. Edith gets a lot of inspiration from cookbooks, fishing and maritime life. Her "lucky fish" are very famous and loved. Very suitable, especially in our herring city, as an original gift with a beautiful wish.

But of course, the colorful paintings and sculptures by Susan Ruiter are also included in the collection. Susan is happy to give you a look in her studio and can tell you everything about the art and the exhibiting artists.

On Saturday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., just drop in and let yourself be cheered up by all these unique works.

Gallery - Atelier Susan Ruiter
Hoogstraat 125

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