How do you buy art?


You have an empty wall or cabinet at home and sometimes think about buying art. But how does that work? And where can you find art you like?

Find art that suits you.
When you buy art, it is important that you start looking for an artwork that suits you. It is important that you like it and it touches you. I, for example, often hear how looking at my work makes people happy. I often hear that it gives them a smile on their face. Isn't that fantastic?

Watch a lot of art, inspiration is everywhere.
But how do you find out what art you like and what suits you? You do this mainly by looking around. Visit galleries or art fairs and look at the work of various artists. Many people don't feel like they can just walk into a gallery, because they feel like they actually have to buy something. This is nonsense, just walk in and look around! But also look around in hotels, restaurants, interior design magazines. Inspiration is everywhere.

(Sheng Shaopeng, mixed technique (oil, latex, filler) on canvas)

Follow the artist or gallery that you like.
Did you find artwork you like? Follow the gallery or artist on social media or their website / newsletter, so you stay informed and you do not take any hasty decisions. Does the artwork stil touches youl after a while? Than you know you've found something that suits you perfectly. The next step is to stop by the gallery or the artist to discuss the price and form of payment.

(Facebook page Susan Ruiter Artist)

Ask if it is possible to visit you at home
For many artists and galleries it is no problem to visit you at your home. So you can see if the size is right and whether the artwork still touches you there. Because an artwork can look very differernt in a gallery on a white wall, or at your home on a grey wall for example.

(Ask if the artist visits you at home.)

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How do you buy art?


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