Family portrait as ART


A family portrait and art in one! I like to portray your family in a personal painting. Because I work out the portrait in my own figurative style, it becomes a unique but very personal work of art for on your wall. This way you can influence the size, subjects and colors of your work of art.

TIP! Have a personal sketch or painting made as a gift for a special occasion, birthday, anniversary or wedding.

Examples of commissioned family portraits
I enjoy making assignments because the process challenges me. I have already been able to make several logos, a wedding card, but also paintings with family members, (pet) animals, jewelry and other personal details. Usually in my own style (“curvy women”). But sometimes something completely different.

Family portrait - 'Our love never ends'
'Susan, my mother thinks your paintings are fantastic! Now I would like to surprise her with a painting and would like to see our family back on it. My father was a cyclist and unfortunately passed away, my mother with her jewelry, my daughter, our dog and of course myself. Can you translate that for us into a painting?'

Acryl op linnen, 120 x 120 cm

Family portrait 'Remember Ibiza'
'Susan, would you like to immortalize a picture of our wonderful holiday in Ibiza, the first with our grandson, in a painting?'

Acrylic on linen, 80 x 120 cm

Family portrait 'Together we are family'
'Susan, would you like to portray us with the children in a colorful and cheerful painting?'

Acrylic on linen, 80 x 170

Family portrait 'Joined in Love'
"Susan, I would like you to make a beautiful portrait of me, my children and our pets."

Acrylic on linen, 80 x 130 cm

How do you commission a painting?
Based on photos and personal information I will make a number of sketches. In consultation we determine what the most suitable composition is and in which format and technique it may be worked out.

Sometimes the customer visits me in the gallery or the request for a commissioned artwork is sent by email. Or do I go to the customer's home. I'll take some works with me. So that we can determine together which size and which colors will look good in the place where the commissioned artwork should be hung.

After I have asked some questions, I often quickly form an image in my head and get to work. I make one or more sketches without obligation. The customer can then tell me what appeals to them in the sketch(s) and what they would like to see differently. Sometimes this is a bit difficult because of course a sketch shows very different from a painting. If necessary, I make another sketch. I will also send a quote, possibly for different sizes and materials.                                    

Sketch for a family portrait

When the customer is satisfied with the sketch and the quotation, I ask for a deposit. When the deposit is received, I order a canvas in the right size and get to work. I usually take 3 – 4 months to finish a commissioned painting.

When the painting is finished, I ask the customer to visit the gallery. Or I send a photo. I do this before the painting is varnished, so that any changes can be made. If the work is really not what the customer had in mind, they are not obliged to purchase it. However, this has never happened thankfully.

After finishing with UV varnish, the work is ready and can be picked up and I ask for the remaining payment. I also regularly bring the work to the customer's home and when necessary I take my partner with me so that we can immediately hang the commissioned painting.

Certificate of Authenticity for artwork
As soon as the commissioned artwork has been paid for, I will send a 'Certificate of Authenticity'. It contains the title and a photo of the artwork and my signature. This proves that you have an original painting by me.

Do you have questions about commissioning a painting? Or would you like information about a commissioned artwork? Please feel free to contact me without obligation.

Creative greetings,

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Family portrait as ART


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