CURVY WOMEN PAINTINGS - and everything you need to know about it


My artworks, together with the works of a number of Dutch artists, are often grouped under the category: 'curvy ladies' paintings (in Dutch: dikke dames schilderijen). Because of this, many people mix up the names of the artists, or assume that it is all painted by one hand. When you see the pieces next to each other, as shown down below, you will see that there are clear differences between my work and the other works of 'curvy ladies'.

I myself am not a fan of the Dutch term 'Dikke dames schilderijen' (directly translated 'Fat Ladies Paintings'). I think it sounds a bit denigrating and never use it in my communication. Of course, my ladies are often a bit fuller. But this is mainly because I like to paint round shapes. I prefer to talk about it: 'Cheerful, confident ladies with beautiful curves.' (There's no word for curvy in Dutch.)

A number of other artists known for their 'fat ladies' paintings are Gerdine Duijsens, Ada Breedveld and Theo Broeren. Below you can see pictures of works by these artists and my work together.

Besides the clear differences you see above, another big difference is that the artworks of some 'curvy ladies' are produced in large print runs. For example, silk prints of the works are made in large quantities. In contrast, I only have two screen prints (also called graphs). Furthermore, all my work is original, this means that there is only one of each. Even from my graphs the edition is small (25 pieces) and these are still partly hand paintes, so that every graph is unique.

Furthermore, my 'fat ladies' (let me use the term just for once), are always recognizable by the cheerful bright colors, the finished details and the fact that they only have one eye. Are you still not sure of which artists you have a 'big ladies' painting in front of you? Then look at the signature, which is usually at the bottom right of the painting.

I hope that with this article I have been able to clarify a few of the misconceptions around the term 'curvy ladies paintings'. Please let me know if you still have any questions.

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CURVY WOMEN PAINTINGS - and everything you need to know about it


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