Chirping Together

On a sunny Saturday, Mirjam entered my gallery.

'Hi Susan, I just received your nice newsletter again and I thought, NOW get on my bike right away! I've wanted a painting from you for so long, but I keep putting it off.'

She saw a lot of beautiful things, but was not able to properly assess what would suit her in terms of color and size. That's why, less than a week later, I was standing in her living room with a number of paintings. Together we looked at which work complemented the interior.

For the size I also had a painting with me that I was still working on. Despite being unfinished, this painting immediately got the sparkle we were looking for!

The painting now hangs in her home. Here you can see how well it fits into her interior.

Did you know that it can be puchased and shipped abroad insured?

Size 100 x 100 cm
Technique Acrylic on heavy linen
Label SOLD
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