Art & Sustainability - What can you pay attention to?


How does that work?

You probably also pay attention to the sustainability of a product, but did you know that you can also take this into account when choosing a work of art?

What does an environmentally conscious art buyer pay attention to?

As an art buyer or consumer, you can also do your part if you are looking for something to make that boring wall sparkle. The most important thing is to see whether the work of art is (made) sustainably. Do you choose an original work or a reproduction? A unique work always retains its value, or even becomes more valuable and will be constructed with high-quality materials so that it will never 'perish'.

Besides asking about the technique the artist used, these are three important points you can pay attention to:

  1. For example, it is better not to buy posters/reproductions that are made in large quantities. The production process is not environmentally friendly, production runs are large, resulting in many residual batches that are destroyed. Due to the lower quality, such a reproduction does not last as long (discolored or warped) and you get tired of it more quickly, after which it often ends up in the waste.
  2. A unique/original work of art is more durable because the quality is better and you can enjoy it for a lifetime. If you decide to replace it after a long period of time, you can sell it, often at a higher price than the purchase price. Because it is a unique work and you are the only one who has it, you will be happy and proud of it for much longer!
  3. You also contribute by using the art library. After a certain period you enjoy another original work of art again and again. Win, win, because this way you also give your interior a new look. You can also support artists by choosing this option. For reproductions, they often receive a minimal fee for reproducing their design.

The purchase price of an original work is of course higher, but ultimately it has great added value for the environment and probably also for your wallet, because it can be a good investment.


How does an environmentally conscious artist work?
If we live environmentally consciously, we save our environment for future generations. That is why, as an artist, I think it is important to work environmentally consciously and I try to work and do business as sustainably as possible.

This is how I think about:
  • The materials I use.
  • The amounts of paint I mix. Do I still have any leftovers? Then I use that for the base of new work, so I don't waste anything. And the nice thing is that it gives me a surprising and beautiful basis for my paintings.
  • I transport my paintings in reusable (recycled) protective covers for transporting my paintings.
  • I work on linen canvases instead of cotton.
  • I use high-quality paint with fewer chemicals.
  • I collect the sludge when washing brushes so that it does not disappear into the sink.
Susan Ruiter

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Art & Sustainability - What can you pay attention to?


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