Animalicious Art

With my paint and brushes, I transformed the pictures of these pets into new images. Some funny, others colourful or stylish. The animals turned into a gangster, angel, biker, pilot, Frenchmen, Al Capone, Robin Hood etc. All together we named the project 'Animalicious Art’.

The result: a beautiful series of exclusive, original artworks made with different materials and techniques. The original pieces are made on heavy linen and are reproduced in small quantities on dibond / plexiglass

The nice thing about this concept is that we also offer the possibility to let us transform our own dog, horse, cat or other (pet) animal into the new Mona Lisa, Cowboy or Astronaut. You can indicate your own personal details and colors and possibly have hair or ashes incorporated into the painting. This way you will have a unique painting with your pet at home.