6 mistakes starting artists often make - part 2


Do not use too much black
A common mistake is the overuse of black paint. Black is good, if you are painting a cow, or creating a black dress, anything that is actually black. But if you want to create shadows or outlines, it is much better to use dark blue or dark brown.

Gebruik bijv. donkerbruin voor schaduwen en omlijning.(Gebruik bijvoorbeeld donkerbruik voor de schaduwen en omlijning.)

Waste away
You are often afraid to waste material, such as canvas. You want it to be perfect immediately. You will however have to practice first. And you might have to mess up a few artworks, before you get the result you want. It is also important to experiment and try new things. A “failed” canvas can be used well for this. Put a layer of gesso (a primer) over it and use it to mix colours or try out new materials and mediums.

Gebruik een mislukt doek om te experimenteren.(Gebruik een mislukt doek om op te experimenteren.)

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6 mistakes starting artists often make - part 2


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