6 mistakes starting artists often make - part 1


Make good sketches first
Many people immediately want to start painting on canvas. This is mistake number two. At first you need to put enough time in your sketch. Make sure your sketch is correct, even if that means you have to throw 50 of them away. This does not mean you have to draw all the details. But make sure you’re satisfied with the composition, proportions etc. Only then you start painting on the canvas.

Maak eerst een goede schets.(Make a good sketch)

Build your painting in layers

Many starting artists build a painting in one layer. They paint in sections. But a painting looks much better, when it is build up in layers. The more layers, the nicer the painting looks. A white background for example, looks much more realistic when there is some light gray or light blue behind it, even when you finally see only 3% of the lower layer. The different layers provide depth in your painting.

Bouw je schilderij op in lagen(Bouw je schilderij op in lagen)

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6 mistakes starting artists often make - part 1


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