10 DO'S AND DONT'S - while hanging a painting


You have finally bought that painting that you wanted so much. But where does it go? And what do you have to keep in mind while hanging them? Read all about it in this blog ...

1. Do not hang a painting above a heat source, such as a fireplace, radiator or in the bright sun. Not only can the painting discolour as a result, the frame can also start to warp. Although this will not happen quickly with my paintings, because they have an aluminum frame (instead of wood) and are provided with a layer of UV varnish that protects against discoloration.

2. People like symmetry. (Did you know that we find people with symmetrical faces the prettiest?) When you hang a painting above a piece of furniture, it usually comes out nicest when it goes neatly in the middle.

3. Make sure the painting is beautifully exposed with light. If the painting doesn't have a bright spot in the house, consider putting a beem of light on it. That way the painting looks much nicer.

4. Not too small! A small painting can be a beautiful eye-catcher. But not lonely above a three-seater sofa. Choose a work that is slightly narrower than the piece of furniture you hang it over.

5. Make use of a suspension system. You can place a rail on your wall for this. Do you have a new house? Then you can even have these rails integrated into the wall. An advantage of a rail is that you do not have to drill a hole in the wall and you can easily move the painting.

6. Choose a collage of paintings instead of one big piece of art. In a hall, for example, this can be beautiful. It gives warmth and a playful effect. Make sure that the works fit together and reinforce each other. Before you hang them up, you can first put cardboard prints on the wall. This way you can properly determine where the works should come.

7. Give artwork space. When you have a beautiful eye-catcher, leave the rest of the wall empty. Make sure it does not 'drown' between all kinds of other decorations.

8. People often hang a painting too high. Because of this the painting doesn't get the attention that is deserves. Or it just looks funny. Therefore, apply this simple rule. The centre of the painting should be at eye level.

9. A wrong frame can distract your attention from a painting. If you would like a frame, make sure it fits the style and colors of the work and does not distract too much. Framemakers can help you with this.

10. Make sure a painting hangs against the wall as flat as possible. This prevents shadows that do not benefit your painting.

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10 DO'S AND DONT'S - while hanging a painting


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